Monday, March 24, 2008

This is more the Norm

After a little nap Daniel was clearly ready to go again.

Sitting Still

He just crawled up on the couch, laid his head on Liza and fell asleep.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Matchbox 20

So, the concert. I loved them the last time that I saw them, so I was looking forward to this with great anticipation. Let me just say that they did not disappoint. It was deeeeeelightful to say the least. And second row seats? (Thanks to Brad's concert mojo...) I never want to see a concert another way again. I have been ruined.

Now, it must be said that I have spent the last 4 years going to Ryan Shupe concerts and the like, which are perfectly fine. But don't you sometimes forget what it's like to be at a concert where you actually feel like dancing? You know, where you're dancing around and screaming like an idiot? We all need this.

So, they start out with a little countdown and start right into "How far we've come". And ladies and gentlemen, they were ON. I have to interrupt myself and say that I love the evolution of a concert where the band comes out and the first few songs are high energy, but then there is that moment, or that song, where they just settle in to their groove. Everyone is warmed up. For Matchbox 20 that song was "Back to Good". Just watching Rob Thomas up there belting it out filled my little heart with joy (and momentarily made me forget that I had a kid at home puking...)

Their encore was fantastic. I especially loved that at the end of "Bright Lights" they went right into the Beatles song, "She came in through the bathroom window" (I know, weird title, but it's the Beatles, right?) and Kyle Cook and Paul Doucette both sang a verse. Turns out, they rock as well! Plus, they did a cover of the Cracker song "Low" that I was quite fond of. And, to top it all off they ended the show with "Push". Yes.

So, a couple of other notes: People in general (and the intoxicated girl next to me specifically) have no sense of rhythm. It's unbelievable. It's not even like they are on the 1 & 3 beat instead of the 2 & 4 beat. They're just all over the place. High unintentional comedy for me.

Also, you could buy a wrist band with a USB port on it that had your concert recorded on it. Genius! (Someone is making a killing with this, BTW) Of course we bought one and have been reliving the concert ever since.

Well, that's it! That's all I've got. Rock on.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Breaking Bad...

So, life has been a little, um, hectic lately.

A week ago today I was pleasantly anticipating three things: Jackson's first birthday, Bekah's 8th birthday (both being celebrated on that Saturday--double the fun!), and the Matchbox Twenty concert. (Second row seats!)

Now, let us all remember that Brad and I attempted to have a little getaway at the end of December. A few hours before we were supposed to leave Eliza started throwing up. One hour before we were supposed to leave Daniel threw up all over me. Good times indeed. Thank goodness for grandmas and aunts who stepped in and took care of all the sickies so that we could still go. However, one hour after we left I started throwing up, which was not exactly what I had in mind for my getaway activities.....

Ok, so back to present. The night before the parties I come down with pink eye. PINK EYE! What the....?!!! Then, like wildfire threw Southern California, I proceed to give it to my three youngest children. Clearly, I did not make it to the birthdays. Yes, I was sad.

Let's move on. Because the pink eye gets contained and I still have the concert to look forward to, right? Well, here we are on Thursday, getting ready for the concert. I have decided to try (after a week of no makeup thanks to the pink eye) to look (and feel) like a real woman. I shower, I cleanse, I exfoliate, I hydrate, etc. Hey, at this point I am feeling pretty good! The hair is straight, the clothes are clean and I am going on a date!

And then Liza starts throwing up. Again and again. Is someone trying to tell me something?

So, yes, we still went to the concert. (More on that later...) But my makeup was smudged, I smelled like throw up, and I came home and slept on the floor of my daughter's bedroom.