Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The quiet moments

I wonder why it is that we love so deeply in the quiet moments of life.

It's midnight. I'm just finishing a movie and Daniel wakes up. I'm rocking him to sleep and he reaches up and touches my face with his hand. He's touching my cheek and my chin with his soft little baby hand and my heart is filling to the brim. He's so perfect and beautiful. He crosses his little legs and makes cute little clucking noises with his tongue. He smells good from the bath I gave him tonight. I like the way he holds on to me now when I rock him-like he's giving me a hug as he rests his head on my shoulder. My heart is completely full.

Of course, this feeling of bliss lasts until I lay him down and tiptoe out of the room. He begins to cry, which then wakes up Liza. They are both now screaming their heads off.

So much for the quiet moment...

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frizzlefry said...

Thank goodness for the quiet moments. . .the rest of life is a doozie!