Friday, May 30, 2008

The Three Hundred Dollar Braclet

Last Friday, my washing machine stopped draining. We've all been through it, so what can you do? Luckily, I was caught up on my laundry for a brief moment, so I wasn't too stressed about waiting until Tuesday to call a repair man b/c of the holiday weekend. Again, what can you do?

The repair man came on Tuesday and took apart the washer. He said it was the pump and we had him fix it. We paid him the $300 and I was back in laundry mode. (Which was just in the nick of time since my laundry was piling up by this time at an alarming rate...)

You know, up until that point I was accepting of the fact that things break and you have to fix them. I was peace, love, and light.

And then we found the bracelet.

Wednesday morning Matt came upstairs and went into the laundry room. The old pump was lying on top of the washer so he picked it up to look at it. And then he walked into the kitchen and said, "Hey dad, I think a bracelet is stuck in that pump." Seriously. THAT BRACELET WAS STUCK IN THE PUMP! What are the odds? And why didn't anyone (a.k.a. the repair man) think to look in the pump to see why it wasn't working. And more importantly, WHY ARE MY CHILDREN NOT EMPTYING OUT THEIR POCKETS WHEN I TELL THEM TO? WHY? WHY? I think they must sincerely believe that I am talking to myself when I give them such directions.

Anyway, the bracelet made an excellent object lesson for my children that morning. Yet again I can say to them, "Do not doubt that your mother knows it."

Now that school is out I am hoping that this is not a foreshadowing of things to come. And I want my money back!!!!


kirsti.hardie said...

I feel myself getting hot around the collar and it's not even my machine/money. I so feel your pain/frustration/want to choke the repair man and the kids all at once.

Jen said...

I know, right? I am still getting over my grumpiness.

Angela said...

I have a $2000 Target portrait of my 3-year-old. I don't remember exactly why (although I posted about it a few years ago), but I felt I needed to take my video camera and regular camera with me to get my sons\ picture taken at Target. The lid came off my water bottle and both expensive electronic items were ruined. I feel for you!

adara! said...

i feel bad! whoops.

Angela said...

You should know that I check your blog daily to see if you've updated! I know you're busy! I haven't been good about blogging this summer either. But thought I'd just say Hi!