Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Here come the terrible twos...

So, everyone keeps asking me why the blog is so sporadic. Well, this young lady would be why.

She woke up about two weeks ago as a completely different child. I don't know if I am going to survive all of the following:

  • climbing into sinks with the water running

  • grabbing handfuls of the sauce that I am making with dinner and sucking it down while it drips on the floor

  • taking endless amounts of cereal out of the pantry and dumping it on my kitchen floor

  • using the dog as a step stool

  • trying to "hug" Daniel until he screams

  • crying at anything and everything at the TOP of her lungs while screaming "No, NO, mommy!"

Ok, ok, to be fair, she has her cute and funny moments, too.

  • She loves to have Grandpa pretend like he is sleeping so that she can kiss him and wake him up.

  • Anytime she wants you to move she says ,"Beep, beep" instead of "excuse me".

  • She has the best look of surprise. Any time she sees or hears something new she looks like Mccully Culkin on Home Alone with the mouth open and the eyes wide. It's very cute.

  • She will sing little songs to me. I have no idea what she's saying, but she'll do it over and over again if I ask her to.

  • She loves her siblings. She asks about them all day long while they are at school. Also, she loves to have Daniel follow her to her room so that they can play. She'll stand in the hallway and say, "D, play. D, PLAY."

  • She loves church. As we pull into the parking lot she says, "YEAH, YEAH!"

  • She gives me butterfly kisses.

So, forgive me if the blog is not current. I'm tending my babies, and babies don't keep.


KA said...

There's that word "tend" again. I think we have lived in Utah for too long. I'm just saying.

frizzlefry said...

Nor do they let you rest.

And Kris, I tried to type "shut up" in the Utah accent, but I just can't get it to come across.

I agree, you have all lived in UT too long. . .:)

Jen said...

That last line, with the word "tend" in it, is from a poem that my grandmother cross stitched on a picture that I have. Nothing to do with Utah...
Although, for the record, I like it here.

KA said...

You're going to try and say that a cross stitch has nothing to do with Utah?

Arlene said...

It said 'tend'? I thought it said 'rocking'.

"I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep".

However, it has been many years since I've laid eyes on it.