Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Isn't he lovely?

Quite often Brad and I entertain ourselves with crazy conversations about which one of us is better at a certain task or skill. The personal resume that we give each other contains hyperbole after hyperbole of our particular skill set. These conversations usually end with me talking loudly, flailing my hands, and Brad doubling over in a laughing fit, completely unable to speak. Good times indeed.

I bring this up simply because I must occasionally give up the fight and give him credit for being the fantastic husband (and friend) that he is to me. He can work 10+ hours a day (for days on end) and still come home and willingly help me out with the continual domestic madness. He does dishes, changes diapers, runs errands and referees children. Plus, he shows me genuine sympathy when my Yankees dissapoint me and lose in the first round. That is a good man.

On top of all of this, Brad just spent all three of his days off last week with my ex-husband, who was in town to visit Mady. He not only entertained him but truly showed interest in his well being. I believe that Scott left with a desire to be a better person for the time he spent with Brad.

So, could I be luckier? I don't think so.

Although, out of sheer pride, he will never beat me in soccer.


Angela said...

I've always loved Brad too! He's always been super sweet and just all-around nice and so easy to talk to. I'm glad you guys have each other!!! Those were a bunch of good guys in that Argentina mission!

Angela said...

Okay, Dan's sitting here paying bills so I just read this post to him as well. His comment? "That is so Brad! He is such a great guy!"

frizzlefry said...

You most certainly traded up! :)

What an awesome man!

KA said...

Figures he doesn't mind being called lovely.

Arlene said...

All I have to say is that I'm with Jen. He's a great guy, but he will never beat her at soccer. Although, Dan would say that is because she's a guy. :) I, however, have never had any occasion to suspect her. :)